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Collaborating with Industry

Every year, CTV and Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) work together to facilitate over 50 industry sponsored research collaborations with Columbia faculty. These projects can range from short- and medium-term projects (testing an industry material in a Columbia assay; gleaning insights from corporate data sets) to multi-year, multi-PI collaborations exploring fundamental research questions.

Typically, these collaborates start with the faculty member alerting CTV to the company’s interest in collaboration. Our office will then coordinate with SPA to determine who would be best positioned to work with the company’s attorneys on putting an agreement in place, covering the budget, scope of work, IP rights, publication rights, and other issues. Our boilerplate industry sponsored research agreement can be found here.

If you would like to learn more about industry collaborations, please email your technology licensing officer (TLO), or send us an email to so one can be assigned to you.