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Only a highly inventive applied physicist—Simon Billinge—would use the example of a 19th-century painting to explain how an engineer analyzes the atomic structure of nanomaterials.
Biomedical Engineering Professor Helen H. Lu has won a three-year $1.125 million Translational Research Award grant from the Department of Defense’s Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs for her research on tendon-to-bone integration for rotator cuff repair.
Two professors in the Computer Science department at Columbia University have been elected 2015 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Fellows: Julia Hirschberg for "contributions to spoken language processing," and David Blei, for "contributions to the theory and practice of probabilistic topic modeling and Bayesian machine learning."
Kyras Therapeutics, Inc. announced today that it has closed a Series A financing led by Versant Ventures.
A team including researchers from Columbia University Medical Center have found a number of genetic mutations that explain why many children with congenital heart disease also have other significant health challenges, including neurodevelopmental disorders and other congenital problems.
For contributions to "network traffic modeling, congestion control and Internet economics," Vishal Misra has been named a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Columbia Engineering researchers have, for the first time, harnessed the molecular machinery of living systems to power an integrated circuit from adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of life.
As part of a nationwide NIH research program, a group of CUMC researchers will begin incorporating genomic information into electronic health records of thousands of CUMC patients.
Seamless Devices, Inc. is pleased to introduce a set of analog front-end (AFE) solutions that aim to make it easier for architects of signal processing systems to address the tradeoff between performance quality and power usage in electronic devices.
Elizabeth Hillman, associate professor of biomedical engineering at Columbia Engineering and of radiology at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC), has received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) BRAIN Initiative grant, the first awarded to Columbia Engineering.