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Scientists from the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Medical Center have shown that a narrow wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) light safely killed drug-resistant MRSA bacteria in mice, demonstrating a potentially safe and cost-effective way to reduce surgical site infections.
A new study reports on the results of a randomized clinical trial that looked at whether the antidepressant citalopram would enhance complicated grief treatment psychotherapy, and if citalopram would be efficacious without it.
A single exposure to general anesthesia poses no cognitive risk to healthy children under age 3, a critical time in brain development, according to a multicenter study led by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.
An international observational study led by Columbia University researchers has uncovered widespread differences in the treatment of patients with common chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and depression.
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and most aggressive type of primary brain tumor in adults. Existing treatments against the disease are very limited in their effectiveness, meaning that in most patients tumors recur within a year.
The relationship between obesity and diabetes is tight. Even those who are slightly overweight have a five-fold greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and for people who are seriously obese, the risk is 40 times greater.
A team led by Electrical Engineering Professor Aurel Lazar is one of six finalists in the Open Science Prize, a global competition recently launched that supports the development of open platforms and promotes the power of open content and data for biomedical research.
Wearing a 24-hour monitoring device may help identify African-Americans who have masked or undetected high blood pressure, according to a new study by researchers in CUMC’s Center for Behavioral Cardiovascular Health.
Investigators have uncovered a "weekend effect" contributing to the worsening availability of donor kidneys in the United States.
PureTech Health today announced the launch of Vor BioPharma, an immuno-oncology company dedicated to developing a new class of targeted cell therapies. The company has licensed its core technology from the lab of Vor scientific co-founder, Siddhartha Mukherjee, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University.