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Call for Pre-Proposals: Sanofi Innovation Awards (IAwards)

June 16, 2017


The Sanofi Innovation Awards (iAwards) program is designed to support early stage innovative and translational research proposals from participating academic institutions. The main objective of the program is to convert successful and promising projects to sponsored research programs and subsequently create in-licensing and start-up opportunities. The academic institutions currently participating in this program are: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, University of California San Francisco, University of Texas system and Weill Cornell Medical College. Sanofi strives to build strong collaborative relationships within each partner institution through this program and continue to be actively engaged in accelerating the conversion of innovative ideas into effective and safer therapeutic solutions for patients. The program provides one year seed funding of $125,000 (includes institutional overhead costs) to each selected proposal, a dedicated Sanofi project champion, in-kind resources and expertise deemed necessary by Sanofi.

Call for Pre-Proposals:

The details of the general criteria for pre-proposals and guidance on therapeutic areas of interest are given below. Only the Joint Steering Committee and select members of Sanofi and your Institution will have access to your pre-proposal. However, information contained in the pre-proposal is NOT considered confidential and therefore unpublished information should not be disclosed in the pre-proposal. Proposals may not include third party collaborators other than those from partner institutions within the iAwards Program. Proposals must provide objectives and work-plan achievable within 12 months and strong rationale for benefit to patients. Applicants must use the accompanying pre-proposal template to submit their pre-proposals. Please restrict your completed pre-proposal to two pages (excluding publications).

The completed pre-proposals should be submitted to: The deadline for submission of your pre-proposal is: June 16, 2017.

Pre-Proposal Criteria:

Proposals are invited for the following therapeutic areas: Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes, Immune diseases, Infectious Diseases, Neurology/Neurosciences, Oncology and Rare Genetic Diseases. Early stage compounds or biologics targeting novel disease mechanisms. New models for validating disease relevant targets. Technology platforms with the potential to significantly improve drug discovery and development. Novel therapeutic modalities

Awards Timeline:

June 16th - Submission of completed Pre-Proposals to Institution

August 1st - Notification by Sanofi of pre-proposals chosen to be pursued as Detailed Proposals  

August 28th - Completion and submission of Detailed Proposals  

Late October - JSSC meets to review Detailed Proposals

November 20th - Institution informed of JSSC funding decisions