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AdvanceH2O: A PowerBridgeNY awardee, the company develops next-generation monitoring & data informatics for water treatment, was founded out of the lab of Columbia's Dr. Kartik Chandran, and is led by Young Lee, CEO.  From utility-scale wastewater treatment plants to the smallest decentralized systems, AdvanceH2O overcomes complex water challenges globally including: predict & prevent environmental/human hazards; energy & chemical cost savings; cost-effective scaling for growing populations; and re-formation of waste by-products into valuable commodities (e.g., bio-gas).  Our innovations stem from our team’s break-through work with advanced microbial analytics tailor-made for water treatment (e.g., global analysis of DNA, RNA, & profiles from the system microbiomes).  This is essential to properly characterize microbial activities chiefly responsible for treatment processes.  Combining the innovations with extensive customer discovery, AdvanceH2O’s product is an All-in-One Plant Analytics & Management Package to be sold on an annual-repeatable basis to water managers worldwide.

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Dovina Qu
Technology Licensing Officer
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