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Aptatek Biosciences: Aptatek Biosciences is developing a connected platform for home and clinic-based rapid testing of small molecule biomarkers critical to routine monitoring of patient response to therapy, disease status and wellness. The push toward decentralized healthcare delivery, enabled by digital data connectivity between patients and caregivers, is creating opportunities to facilitate day-to-day monitoring of a patient’s own health and wellness. Success of such patient-directed disease monitoring will require the ability to measure key biomarkers in a rapid, home-based format connectable to care providers. Aptatek quantitatively detects small molecule biomarkers in a handheld, portable, cell phone app-driven format. The system uses patented aptamer technology developed at Columbia University which allows detection of a wide range small molecule biomarkers such as metabolites, amino acids and hormones, directly in blood or other biological samples. The company’s portable system comprised of a battery powered reader, disposable test cartridge and app for test management and analysis. The first application is for phenylketonuria, an inborn metabolic disease which requires routine monitoring for diet and therapy modulation and for which Aptatek received FDA Breakthrough Device designation.  The platform has future applications in dialysis, chronic kidney disease and other inborn metabolic diseases for continuous and discontinuous monitoring, drug development and wellness.

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Jerry Kokoshka
Senior Technology Licensing Officer