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BioPX Sciences: At BioPX Sciences, we have a different vision for bio-molecular research tools. Automatable. Fast. Small samples. High Sensitivity.  BioPX Sciences is developing the next generation of bio-molecular research tools. We are integrating thermal analysis, MEMS and microfluidics to enable direct determination and understanding of protein engineering and biopharmaceutical formulation. The technology targets early drug discovery, membrane protein and drug formulation (including therapeutic formulations).  Based on a patented analytical platform, PX-DSC, enables direct, precise and rapid evaluation of the folding and unfolding of large biomolecules like proteins, DNA and enzymes of picomolar amount without labeling. BioPX was founded out of the lab of Dr. Qiao Lin at Columbia University and led by Co-Founder and CEO, Cesar Gonzalez.

To learn more about this opportunity, contact:

Dovina Qu
Technology Licensing Officer