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Columbia | Corning Advanced Materials Prize

Monday, February 15, 2021 - 11:00pm



Are you a Columbia-based team developing innovative advance materials technologies with the potential to transform industries? Apply to Corning | Columbia Advanced Materials Prize, a joint effort between Corning IncorporatedColumbia Material Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), and Columbia Lab-to-Market Accelerator Network (L2M)

Applications are due Monday, February 15th, at 11:59PM EST at:

Register for info sessions on Feb. 3 and Feb. 10 here: 


Program Areas of Focus

  • Materials, equipment, and systems for life sciences (Application areas include cell/gene therapy, cell and organoid culture technologies, sorting and separations technology, lab automation technology, imaging, diagnostics, microfluidics, high throughput synthesis of DNA/RNA)
  • Ceramic materials (Application areas include RF electronics, energy storage, and filtration of gas and liquids)
  • Materials for quantum computing (Application areas include new technologies for quantum memory, quantum communication)
  • Advanced coatings and paints (Applications include advanced windows, bio-active coatings, novel optical coatings, super hydro and oleophobic)
  • Photonic and display technology (Application areas include LED/OLED displays, thin films for electronics and optoelectronics, microLED technologies, holographic and light field technologies, flexible displays, transparent displays, near eye displays, novel backplanes and driving electronics)
  • Battery technologies (Applications areas include solid state batteries, silicon anode technologies, flexible batteries, novel energy storage concepts)
  • Additional areas of interest (Optical communications, 1D-2D-3D polymers, phase change materials, Roll-to-roll processing of novel systems, mmwave and terahertz technologies, Y-doped crystals, novel catalysts)

Eligibility:  all researchers at Columbia University (faculty, PhD students, postdocs, undergraduates) developing translational research projects in the advanced materials space. 

Additional information is available here: