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DeckTherapeutics: DeckTherapeutics coordinated the development of THDG3 - a novel, patent protected omega-3 diglyceride emulsion as a drug candidate for acute emergency treatment for stroke. Acute injection of omega-3 fatty acid compounds (in 6 rodent stroke models) is associated with marked neuroprotection and preservation of both short and long term neurofunctional outcomes after stroke. THDG3 emulsion injection leads to up to 90% reduction in brain tissue death. The company recently entered into a partnership agreement with DSM, a large multinational, and a major player in omega-3 products worldwide for production of THDG3 emulsions. 17M patients suffer from stroke every year, with only one FDA approved drug (t-PA) that is received by less than 8% of stroke patients. THDG3 has the potential to become the gold standard of acute stroke treatment, representing a significant global market opportunity (Total Addressable Market of $7B in US alone). DeckTherapeutics was founded by Dr. Richard Deckelbaum, Director of the Institute of Human Nutrition and Professor of Nutrition, Pediatrics and Epidemiology at Columbia University and is led by Dr. Suman Lal (CEO).

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