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Deerfield Catalyst Request for Digital Health Proposals

Friday, January 20, 2023 - 5:00pm


Deerfield Catalyst Request for Proposal

Advancing Innovative Digital Health Solutions Into Real-World Practice

Deerfield Catalyst (DFC), the medical technology incubator of Deerfield Management (New York, NY), is sponsoring an inaugural digital health pitch competition in collaboration with Deerfield Health Services and the Deerfield Medtech investment teams. We are inviting proposals from select New York city-based universities, including Columbia University, to participate in this initiative.

The goal is to identify seed stage projects that can be incubated within Deerfield Catalyst. For selected project(s), Deerfield Catalyst will provide seed stage funding, office space, resources, and management of the project. High-level milestones during the seed stage include defining the business model, developing a solution prototype, and advancing the solution into a real-world pilot at the sponsoring institution to establish proof-of-concept of the viability of the solution and business model.

Proposals are being solicited in the following areas of interest:

● Technology or processes to improve MD productivity, satisfaction, decision making quality

● Technology or processes to reduce labor cost

● Technology or processes to improve staff recruitment and retention

● Technology or business model to extend revenue opportunities outside the four walls of the hospital

● Technologies focused on improving patient experience

● Technology aimed at reducing hospital readmissions after a surgery or procedure

● Technology that facilitates the movement of a procedure from the inpatient to the outpatient setting, or from a traditionally brick-and-mortar to a virtual setting

● Technology that significantly improves diagnostics for a key disease area

● Technology that can enable rehab or therapy in a remote setting

● Technology that facilitates, supports, or reduces the cost of conducting of wet bench scientific research or clinical trials

Criteria for consideration include:

● Evidence or data supporting the proposed solution

● Commitment by the sponsoring institution to pilot the proposed solution

● Access to clinical, data, and other resources necessary for advancement and validation of the technology, service solution, and business model

Proposals should be limited to 2 pages and include the following information:

● Brief bios of the founders / inventors / key team members

● Overview of the problem and proposed solution

● Customer / market opportunity assessment

● Landscape of current solutions/technologies and where the proposed solution fits in

● Current status of the project

● Plan including timeline, milestones, resourcing, & budget necessary to establish proof-of-concept of the viability of the solution and business model

Deadline for submission of proposals is January 20, 2023. Selected proposals shall be notified by February 17, 2023 and invited to present their projects in front of a Deerfield panel at the inaugural Deerfield Catalyst Digital Health pitch competition to be held March 13, 2023.

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