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Digital Chefs

Digital Chefs: Imagine a personal chef who knows your personal eating habits, dietary restrictions, all at the press of a button. At the Creative Machines Lab we are developing novel approaches to assembling cooked meals. We leverage additive manufacturing technology to deposit food ingredients and directed laser beams to cook food as it is being assembled. We have already proven the ability to print a host of different ingredients (e.g. doughs, meats, and vegetables) and cook a range of foods to varying degrees (e.g. browning, baking, and broiling). The true innovation lies in combining these two processes into one functional machine to provide end-to-end cooking at a local level. Being able to combine ingredients with precision heating techniques gives us limitless ability to create new flavor profiles and customized meals. Because we can control the deposition and heating of food via software, we can tailor the recipe and nutrition on a per person basis. This digital cooking technique has a number of applications including military, space, hospital, and commercial settings.

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Dovina Qu
Technology Licensing Officer
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