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DN Therapeutics: DN Therapeutics (DNT) is a spin off from Columbia University focusing on pre‐clinical and early clinical development of novel cell-penetrating transcription factor inhibitors (TFIs) as treatment for a wide range of cancers including melanoma, mesothelioma, neuroblastoma and cancers of the breast, colon, pancreas, and lung with initial focus on glioblastoma (GBM). TFIs are biological constructs that can be synthesized on commercial scale and that will have the capacity to penetrate the blood brain barrier in animal models. Development of the DNT’s lead compounds benefited from more than $2 million in grant support. Columbia University has filed for patent protection on composition of matter and utility claims through 2038. DNT intends to file an IND within 30 months from funding. Cost of development through completion of first-in-man studies is expected to be $11 million. DNT’s novel TFIs address blockbuster market potential with unmet medical need in the case of GBM. We anticipate selling DNT or executing a co‐development agreement with pharma within 5 years from funding. The Company’s value at that time could exceed $100 million, providing investors with 10x ROI.

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