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Entrepreneur and VC Perspectives on Intellectual Property

CTV’s Executive Director, Orin Herskowitz, hosted a panel discussion with four venture capitalists (Kittu Kolluri, NEA; Stan Reiss, Matrix Partners; Lee Wrubel, Foundation Medical Partners; John Lee, Osage) and four serial entrepreneurs (Vishal Misra, Greg Blonder, Matt Price, and Seth Tropper) to discuss the role that intellectual property has played in the companies they have founded and funded. These discussions were filmed as part of the class taught by Orin & Columbia’s Chief Patent Counsel Jeff Sears, IP for Entrepreneurs and Managers, in Spring 2015. To watch individual sections, see below. To watch the whole session (90 minutes total), click here.


Entrepreneur Perspectives on Intellectual Property

Introduction to the Panelists

Whether or not to patent the startup's inventions

Investor due diligence on the startup's intellectual property

Negotiating a license to IP the startup needs

Lessons learned from working with patent attorneys


Venture Capital Perspectives on Intellectual Property

Introduction to the panelists

Role of IP when making investment decisions

Dealing with patent assertion entities / "trolls"

Using patents as a sword against the startup's competitors

Advice for new entrepreneurs on startup IP strategy

Software & algorithm patents

Recommended patent attorneys for startups

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