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Gencirq: Gencirq’s mission is to disrupt and expand the “living therapy” and oncology markets with its proprietary synchronized lysis circuit (SLC) technology, which enables safe and effective delivery of a broad range of therapeutics to solid tumors. Gencirq is spun out of the labs of Columbia's Dr. Tal Danino and UC San Diego's Jeff Hasty and Omar Din. The platform technology leverages recent advances in synthetic biology to program probiotic bacteria to safely and specifically colonize tumors. Upon colonization, the bacteria produce and release anti-cancer agents (chemotoxins, immunotherapeutic nanobodies, cytokines etc.) locally within the tumor. The local production and delivery at disease sites can mitigate systemic side effects of many conventional therapeutics. Preclinical data in multiple mouse models have demonstrated the modularity and robustness of the platform to function in diverse conditions and therapeutic contexts.

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Beth Kauderer
Technology Licensing Officer