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Heart Valve Innovation

Heart Valve Innovation (HVI): Heart Valve Innovation is a virtual startup founded by Dr. Vinayak Bapat focusing on the development of methods and devices for grasping, repositioning, and fixating heart valve leaflets to treat cardiac valve regurgitation, particularly mitral valve regurgitation. These inventions are designed to provide minimally invasive repair of diseased or aged heart valves and include a delivery system for transcatheter valves, an imaging system to ensure proper valve alignment, a series of devices related to valve-in-ring procedures. HVI addresses the global heart valve repair and replacement devices market, which is predicted to reach $12B by 2023. HVI plans to further develop the technology through porcine studies and ultimately clinical trials to generate data for a pre-market approval (PMA) application.

To learn more about this opportunity, contact:

Jerry Kokoshka
Senior Technology Licensing Officer
[email protected]