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IP for Entrepreneurs and Managers (VIDEOS)

Intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks) are an increasingly critical part of almost any business, at almost any stage of growth. Learning to leverage intellectual property to create financial returns as well as understanding the legal principles that govern IP is critical for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here, find several panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and lectures with experts from a broad range of fields related to intellectual property, including venture capital, entrepreneurship, and patent law. These discussions were originally presented as part of a class titled IP for Entrepreneurs and Managers, taught in Spring 2015 at Columbia University by CTV's Executive Director Orin Herskowitz.

Entrepreneur Perspectives on Intellectual Property

Venture Capital Perspectives on Intellectual Property

Entrepreneurs and VCs in Discussion on IP

Patent Enforcement: Monetizing Your IP

U.S. and International Perspectives on Patent Law

Intellectual Property in the Fortune 500