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Lokena Technologies: The $5B mouthwash market is primarily composed of products that use alcohol or synthetic chemicals.  Many consider these too strong, bad tasting, or dangerous to children. The $26B toothpaste market doesn’t have an antiseptic option. Lokena Technologies is developing an entirely natural mouthwash that is just as effective as alcohol-based mouthwashes and a natural toothpaste that reduces cavity-causing bacteria better than Colgate. The patented formulation tastes and feels refreshing. Half of American adults suffer from gum disease and this innovation will reduce the prevalence of the disease while providing consumers a safe, simple, inexpensive, and natural alternative.  Moreover, this antibacterial formulation can be extended to other applications such as gum, mints, and hand sanitizers. The company is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who have previously raised millions of dollars for consumer products and technology transfer products.  

To learn more about this opportunity, contact:

Sara Gusik
Senior Technology Licensing Officer
[email protected]