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National MS Society: Therapeutic Development Opportunities Addressing Nervous System Repair in Multiple Sclerosis

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 - 5:00pm



The National MS Society is funding grants @ $800,000, for up to 2 years, for commercial R&D. Both for-profit companies and non-profit research centers are eligible. Applications are expected to demonstrate a potential path to commercialization.

The funder is inviting applications to establish research partnerships with the Society’s commercial development program, Fast Forward, LLC, to accelerate and support development of therapeutic strategies and biomarkers relevant to the Roadmap priority of Nervous System Repair in MS.

The pre-application deadline is 1/4/23, and applications are submitted via Fast Forward online (see instructions). (Fast Forward supports commercial organizations engaged in the development of new therapies and diagnostic tools for MS, and bridges the preclinical commercial funding gap by targeting funds to de-risk therapeutic development.) The application is a two-step process: 1) first the pre-application and 2) a full application if invited to submit one.

Here is the link to the RFP. Please note that the funder allows up to 10% in indirect costs.