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Everyone expects technology communities to spur growth, and seeing it happen outside of Silicon Valley is far from guaranteed—but it could be crucial for the economy.
Columbia University scientists have developed a computational method to investigate the relationship between birth month and disease risk.
A rare eye disorder marked by color blindness, light sensitivity, and other vision problems can result from a newly discovered gene mutation identified by an international research team, including scientists from Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC).
The Society of Columbia Graduates (SOCG) has recognized Patricia J. Culligan, professor of civil engineering and mechanics engineering, as one of two recipients of the Great Teacher Award, an honor bestowed annually upon professors who excel in undergraduate teaching at Columbia College and Columbia Engineering.
A study published in Cancer Discovery describes how Jan Kitajewski, PhD, and colleagues have created new decoy drugs that can intercept the deceptive growth signals that cancer cells send out.
Under the direction of Latha Venkataraman, associate professor of applied physics at Columbia Engineering, researchers have designed a new technique to create a single-molecule diode, and, in doing so, they have developed molecular diodes that perform 50 times better than all prior designs.
Matei Ciocarlie, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, has been awarded a three-year $637,000 Young Investigator Program (YIP) grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) for his work on human-in-the-loop systems in which humans and robotic manipulators work together, side by side, on the same task.
Columbia University has a new Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), thanks to a National Science Foundation $15 million six-year grant.
Qiao Lin, associate professor of mechanical engineering, has recently received a new grant to fund precision medicine research with collaborators at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) targeted at multiple myeloma, a cancer of antibody-producing plasma cells.
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