Columbia University

Technology Ventures

2018 CleanTech Innovation Showcase

November 19, 2018
Low Memorial Library Rotunda
2950 Broadway (116th Street Entrance)
New York, NY

Overview: We would like to invite you to the 2018 CleanTech Innovation Showcase hosted by Columbia Technology Ventures, Columbia Engineering, the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and the Earth Institute at Columbia University. This inaugural event will highlight advancements by Columbia researchers in clean technology including waste conversion, fuel production, wastewater treatment, sustainable energy storage and batteries, environmental microbiology, data analytics, and smart cities. Please join us for a day of in-depth panel discussions, presentations, and startup pitches. We hope to see you there! 


CleanTech Innovation Showcase Presenters

  • Alan West - Introducing Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center: Opportunities to Engage 
  • Dan Steingart - Exploring and Exploiting Systematic Failure in Batteries for Fun and Profit
  • Alissa Park - Sustainable Transformation of Unconventional Resources: Wastes to Worth
  • Yuan Yang - Making Materials for Sustainable Energy Storage and Management
  • Daniel Esposito - Low-Cost Fuel Production in a Sustainable Energy Future
  • Patricia Culligan - Motivating Energy Savings and Load Shifting in Multi-family Residential Buildings 
  • Vijay Modi - Cleantech Opportunities Arising Out of the Energy Transition
  • Ozgur Sahin - Energy from Natural Evaporation 
  • Halil Kurt - The Innovative Technologies at Waste Water Treatment
  • Ray Sambrotto - Closing the Fossil Fuel Energy Cycle With a Little Help from Our Friends, Earth's Microbes
  • Benjamin Bostick - Harnessing in situ Mineral Production to Mitigate Groundwater Arsenic Contamination

Panel: Cleantech At Columbia

  • G. Michael Purdy, Executive Vice President for Research
  • Dean Mary Boyce, Dean Of The Fu Foundation School Of Engineering And Applied Science
  • Peter De Menocal, Dean Of Science For The Faculty Of Arts & Sciences 

VC Panel: The Future of CleanTech Investing

  • David S. Miller, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Clean Energy Ventures
  • Jiong Ma, Senior Partner, Braemar Energy Ventures
  • Nicholas Querques, Program Manager - Technology to Market, NYSERDA
  • Amit Srivastava, Senior Partner, Cycle Capital Management