Columbia University

Technology Ventures

Blockchain in Journalism: Promise and Practice

October 19, 2018
Brown Institute for Media Innovation
Columbia School of Journalism
2950 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
Blockchain in Journalism — Promise and Practice is an event to educate students, reporters, editors, scholars, and entrepreneurs about the current state of blockchain technology and how it can be applied to journalism. For practitioners in media, Blockchain is in vogue today as a potential solution to the industry’s every-day problems and tasks, such as sustainable business model development, content verification, news archiving, or digital advertisement tracking. In the last few months alone token-based initiatives have been launched, smart contracts have been deployed, and new problems have emerged in relation to what constitutes a sustainable network of stakeholders.
Blockchain in Journalism wants to probe as many of the above problems as possible. It asks questions about blockchain's implications on the news and society, and aims to help journalists understand and cover blockchain technologies.
Panelists invited by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism and the Brown Institute for Media Innovation will discuss issues of business model integration, ethical applications, and innovative technology design in relation to blockchain. Each panel will be followed by audience Q&A to facilitate deliberative environment in which the seemingly arcane phenomenon of blockchain can be openly demystified and discussed.
The panels are growing, and new speakers will be announced in the coming days.
1:00pm Introductions by the Tow Center and the Brown Institute
1:10pm Nataliya Stanetsky: Blockchain in 10 minutes
1:20pm Panel 1 - Blockchain: do we need it and what do we do with it?
Nataliya Stanetsky (Women in Blockchain)
Michael Young (Civil)
Nellie Bowles (NYT)
2:20pm Panel 2 - Blockchain in journalism
Salah Zalatimo (Forbes)
Jarrod Dicker (
Manoush Zomorodi (ZigZag)
Mike Goldin (AdChain)
3:20pm BREAK
3:30pm Panel 3 - Blockchain: Governance, sustainability, and risks
Emily Bell (Tow Center)
Paul Ford (Postlight)
Jim Kennedy (Associated Press)
Alexia Bedat (Klaris Law)
4:30pm Reception
This event is free and open to the public, though registration is required. Please direct any questions to [email protected]