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Patents & Pancakes

July 31, 2018
Wynn Coggins, Kristin Grant
AdClub NY
989 Avenue of the Americas (6th Av.) 7th Floor
New York, NY
We're on a mission to create a more inclusive ecosystem for inventors. Only 8% of patents in the US name a female as the lead inventor and 85% of patents do not name a female at all. Gross.
Why don't more of us invent? Because it's HARD! And one of the hardest parts is figuring out how to handle intellectual property. Do we file for a patent? Is it worth it? How the hell do I get started? We'll, we've gone right to the source for these answers and more:
The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the United States Patent Office will be offering FREE, candid advice about filing for IP and patents at our Patents & Pancakes event! Your RSVP will also subscribe you to our #community where we'll share stories of diverse inventors enhancing our ecosystem, and access resources you can use to help you along your invention journey.