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SCORE NYC Presents: The Lean Startup Approach Can Help Focus Your Small Business

May 10, 2017
Curtis Springstead
1 Penn Plaza 23rd Floor
New York, NY

Who should attend?

This session is recommended for those starting a business and for existing companies considering a new product launch.


Start-up founders have many positive characteristics. They are single-minded, action-oriented, determined and self-confident. Unfortunately, the same traits can sometimes lead to business failure. That is because they do not first systematically evaluate the market for their products or services. Instead, they often embark on their businesses, believing single-mindedly in what they have to offer.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

• Minimize such miscalculations using an evidence-based approach to starting and growing a business.

• Avoid the common mistakes that doom many entrepreneurs.

• Quickly test your startup ideas without spending a lot of money.

• Identify the value proposition that meets your customer’s needs.

After the workshop, put the training to work. Schedule a free follow-up discussion with a SCORE NYC Mentor to get you started.

Facilitator and Instructor:  Curtis Springstead is a Certified Mentor and Vice Chairman for the SCORE Northeast NJ Chapter. His organization, Windbeam Partners LLC, provides consulting skills training and development for IT consultants and internal IT teams.

For 38 years he held roles in the IT industry from programmer to IT Director. The bulk of his career has been as a strategic IT consultant designing and implementing major business change and the supporting technology at pharmaceutical firms, banks, distributors and web-based businesses.