Columbia University

Technology Ventures

NextGen Cleantech Startups Showcase & Pitch Night

September 25, 2017
The New York Academy of Sciences
7 World Trade Center 250 Greenwich St - 40th Floor
New York, NY
Overview: Join us at NextGen Cleantech, an exciting Startups Showcase and pitch event co-hosted by PowerBridgeNY and NEXUS-NY. NextGen Cleantech will feature innovative and ground-breaking cleantech spinning out of New York's leading research institutions - this will be is a rare opportunity to see many up and coming cleantech companies all in one place and meet the founders who are making it all happen. Join us for a night of cutting edge innovation and register today.
Event Schedule:
5:30pm – 6:30pm - Registration
5:30pm – 6:30pm - Startups Showcase and Networking
6:30pm – 7:30pm - Company pitches (see the descriptions below)
7:30pm - 9:00pm - Networking Reception
Team Descriptions:
Lux Semiconductors has a thin film crystallization process that can economically produce low cost, lightweight, and flexible semiconductor substrates for use in applications such as Solar Devices, Sensors and Microelectronics, OLED displays, and Lighting.
Active Energy Systems provides a thermo-mechanical energy storage system which is capable of capturing low-temperature waste heat to provide highly efficient peak shaving, and reduce the energy costs for data centers.
SelfArray utilizes directed self-assembly technology to enable low-cost production of low energy, direct view LED displays.
Firepower produces a flame assisted fuel cell module that can be used to construct self-powered furnaces that will continue to provide heat when the grid is disrupted.
Sunny Clean Water has a nano material and design which enables substantially faster evaporation, and allows for higher throughput in the salt mining industry, as well as being able to produce clean water in other applications.
Alta Films is working to scale up production of carbon nano sheets with graphene like performance at activated carbon prices. Their initial target market is the supercapacitor carbon market.
Ambient PV is working on an inorganic perovskite solar cell which can be roll-to-roll printed to allow for inexpensive solar cells with high efficiency for indoor and IoT applications.
Railon is a data service that automatically monitors freight trains to detect wheel drag conditions using novel computer vision and machine learning techniques and attribute fuel cost to individual train car wheels. This enables freight line operators to save up to 1% fuel cost and reduce unanticipated down time by proactively targeting maintenance activity. This will yield $200M in yearly fuel savings for the North American rail freight market translating to an estimated $33M yearly revenue.
Solar Hygro Solutions has a patented technology enables power generation from evaporation at open bodies of water such as reservoirs of hydroelectric power plants. We made proof-of-concept devices that sit right above the water surface and generate electricity as water evaporates through the device.
StarWind has developed a dual-purpose wind/hydro turbine. It’s teardrop shaped spiral bladed body, was designed to address the concerns of customers, and resolve issues plaguing conventional wind turbines. It easily allows rooftop installation and the full size 5-foot unit will generate 1 to 3 kW of output power from its enclosed axial-flux direct drive generator.
Sun Hunter is developing a super-capacitor-buffered solar power packs for outdoor and off-grid renewable energy applications. An excellent match of electrical impedance between the solar panel and supercapacitor in our design will improve solar energy storage efficiency from 40-50% to 90% and nearly double battery lifetime.