Columbia University

Technology Ventures

Columbia GSAPP: Constructing Practice

November 17, 2017
Columbia University: Wood Auditorium, Avery Hall
1172 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY
Constructing Practice traces the narratives of 15 firms from around the globe that were established within the past 10 years. The daylong symposium features case studies and dialogues on designing, establishing, and maintaining a practice. The speakers reflect various approaches in responding to particular regional conditions and the expanding definition of architecture.
Organized by Professor Juan Herreros with Enrique Walker, the symposium hosts 15 international firms to discuss their respective contexts, ambitions, and influences relevant to their founding and early years, followed by joint discussions on their experiences and strategies.
9:30am Introduction by Dean Amale Andraos and Juan Herreros
9:45am Panel 1: Global-Local, from education to practice
Max Nuñez, Santiago, Chile
Salvador Macías, Magui Peredo, Macias-Peredo, Guadalajara, Mexico
Ying Jiang, Jianxiang He, O-office Architects, Guanzhou, China
Introduction by Enrique Walker
Moderated by Tei Carpenter
11:00 am Panel 2: Transnational, from local to transnational
Ingrid Moye, Christoph Zeller, Zeller & Moye, Mexico City/Berlin
Samuel Barclay, Anne Geenen, Case Design, Mumbai, India
Fumi Kashimura, Ikko Kobayashi, Terrain Architects, Tokyo, Japan
Introduction by Juan Herreros
Moderated by Amale Andraos
1:00pm Panel 3: Collaborative, from collective to transdisciplinary
Anthony Jammes, Susanne Eliasson, GRAU, Paris, France
Guillermo Lopez, MAIO, Barcelona, Spain
Laurel Broughton, Welcome Projects, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Introduction by Enrique Walker
Moderator by Andrés Jaque
2:15pm Panel 4: Material Culture, from material culture to design
Eloisa Castellano, Moreno Ramos, Ramos Castellano, Mindelo, Cape Verde
James Shen, People’s Architecture Office, Beijing, China
Thomas Chapman, Local Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa
Introduction by Juan Herreros
Moderator by Eric Bunge
3:45pm Panel 5: Norm Core
Stéphanie Bru, Alexandre Theriot, Bruther, Paris, France
Julian Schubert, Elena Schütz, Something Fantastic, Berlin, Germany
Aaron Forrest, Yasmin Vobis, Ultramoderne, Providence, RI, USA
Introduction by Enrique Walker
Moderator by Galia Solomonoff
5:00pm Closing Remarks
Enrique Walker and Juan Herreros