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Intellectual Property in the Fortune 500

CTV’s Executive Director, Orin Herskowitz, hosted a panel discussion with four Fortune 500 company insiders (Laura Sheridan, Brian Hinman, Dan Abraham, and Bob Colao) to discuss the role that intellectual property has played in their experience with these companies. This discussion was filmed as part of the class taught by Orin and Columbia’s Chief Patent Counsel Jeff Sears, IP for Entrepreneurs and Managers, in Spring 2015. To watch individual sections, see below. To watch the whole session, click here.

Introduction to the Panelists

Managing Fortune 500 IP: Centralized vs. Distributed Models

Putting a dollar value on patents

Standard Essential Patents & Patent Pools

Patent licensing: in-house vs. outsourcing

Emerging business models in IP licensing (IPXI; AST; License on Transfer; Google's patent purchase program)

Audience question: Valuing intellectual property vs. the underlying technology itself

Audience question: Are patent holders all just "trolls"?

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