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Rover Diagnostics

Rover Diagnostics: Rover’s ultrafast, portable PCR technology is based on two breakthroughs in science and engineering and it meets all the conditions for successful point-of-care PCR. First, we use microfluidic sample preparation developed by Prof. Sam Sia’s lab at Columbia University’s Dept. of Bioengineering. This technology allows us to eliminate expensive, complex sample prep equipment in favor of a small, disposable chip. Second, we use a new approach to thermal cycling that bypasses the standard Peltier device which requires 40-60 minutes for amplification. Instead of radiant heat coming from outside the vial or well, we use photothermal gold nanoparticles to generate heat from inside. The result is thermal cycling that is 10x faster and uses 100x less energy than is possible today. Rover will combine these two technologies into an easy-to-use, sample-to-answer instrument. Furthermore, we will integrate HIPAA-compliant cloud access to allow for instant notification and large-scale data analysis. Rover Diagnostics has raised an initial seed round and produced its first prototype demonstrating ultrafast PCR amplification.

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Beth Kauderer
Technology Licensing Officer