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sHYp: Spun out of the lab of Columbia's Dr. Daniel Esposito, sHYp’s patented, membraneless electrolyzer can produce hydrogen directly from sea water or brine without the need for desalination. It can therefore be installed close to the source of renewable electricity such as offshore wind farms, floating power plants, or within ports, providing a carbon-free fuel for the shipping industry. In addition to generating hydrogen, this technology can also produce valuable co-products such as magnesium hydroxide, or modify water pH for water treatment applications. These additional revenue streams are expected to greatly increase the gross margin of the overall process, allowing for hydrogen to be produced at a cost equivalent to or lower than hydrogen derived from methane. In 2019 sHYp received a grant from PowerBridgeNY, a NYSERDA-supported proof-of-concept center, and was also included in the World’s premier maritime accelerator  sHYp aims to pilot its technology in the Port of Rotterdam in Fall 2020. 

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Dovina Qu
Technology Licensing Officer