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SIP Solutions: SIP Solutions Inc. is developing an innovative water treatment system to cost-effectively decontaminate hyper-saline brines. As the global demand for water and energy has risen, so too has the economic and environmental impact of toxic brine – a byproduct of various desalination systems, industrial processes, and extractive industries. Based on advancements in solvent extraction made by the lab of Columbia's Dr. Ngai Yin Yip, SIP uses a low cost, recyclable solvent to remove various metals, salts, and other trace elements from water. With a wide range of commercially available solvents, SIP can offer customizable solutions to the most difficult water treatment challenges. The company forecasts multiple market applications for the technology, including produced water from extractive industries, wastewater from thermal electric power plants, and inland desalination concentrates. 

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Dovina Qu
Technology Licensing Officer