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Vidrovr: The Vidrovr platform understands the way humans interact and collect data from the visual world through video. Today, Vidrovr extracts information from live television and social media videos, providing reporting, alerts, and analytics for some of the world’s leading media institutions (AP, NBC), government agencies (State Department, DoD), and think tanks.  These insights are used to power business decisions, efficiency gains, and smart executive decision making across each vertical. CEO and CTO Joseph Ellis and Daniel Morozoff founded Vidrovr while PhD students in the Digital Video and Multimedia Lab at Columbia University, and Dr. Shih-Fu Chang of Columbia Engineering continues to advise the company. The team has published and patented foundational research in machine learning, computer vision, and multimodal information processing. The company is backed by top-tier VCs, including Samsung Next, 415, R/GA, Techstars, and leading angels on both the east and west coast.  Vidrovr tripled revenue last year and had a larger increase in bookings, with similar anticipated growth for 2020. 

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