Daiichi Sankyo Sponsored Research

Daiichi Sankyo is running rolling applications for sponsored research/research collaboration opportunities for drug discovery programs in:

  • Oncology
  • Immune disease
  • Neurodegenerative disease (AD, Parkinson’s, ALS)
  • Psychiatric disease (Schizophrenia, ASD, Addition/Anxiety, Depression)
  • Rare Diseases of CNS and Liver
  • Ophthalmology disorders (AMD, RP, and PDR)

Further, they are interested in:

  • siRNA drug delivery techs to brain, heart, lung, and kidney
  • AAV platform techs (new capsids for CNS targets)
  • RNA-targeting small molecules or editing techs
  • In vivo or vitro models that recapitulate immune and CNS disorders

Complete details for their areas-of-interest can be found here.

Deadline: no immediate deadline, rolling application until March 2024

Budget: up to $230K / year for 1-3 years

Term: 1-3 years after which projects can be staged for continued collaboration

Details here.