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CTV is involved in the launch of 20+ patent-based startups each year, and offers advantageous terms for university startups. If you are a faculty member thinking of a startup, you are invited to work with your CTV Technology Licensing Officer, or email for more information. We look forward to working with you.

For Columbia startups in development, we offer the resources below. An additional comprehensive list of on-campus resources available to startups is provided by Columbia Entrepreneurship

CTV Executives in Residence (XIRs)

CTV’s Executive in Residence (XIR) Program aims to connect Columbia inventors and technologies with seasoned industry executives, venture capitalists, and serial entrepreneurs. By doing so, we hope to leverage the deep domain expertise of these individuals to help accelerate the path of these promising technologies towards market success. XIRs are encouraged to develop close ties with our inventors, entrepreneurs, and technology transfer team in order to help Columbia further develop these technologies.

CTV Executive Advisors Network (XAN)

The CTV Executive Advisors Network (XAN) is a new initiative designed to provide mentorship, networking, and marketing and investing advice to promising CTV startups, entrepreneurs and inventors. CTV’s XANs come from backgrounds in entrepreneurship, venture capital, R&D, product design and business development, representing companies including Merck, Alcatel Lucent, Viacom, Amazon, Vimeo, Acorda Therapeutics, Medica Ventures, Shutterstock, IBM, Intel, Sanofi, Xerox, and Google.

Startup Attorneys

CTV is occasionally asked by technology entrepreneurs for the names of attorneys who are able to represent Columbia startup companies during their formative stages, and in particular during the licensing discussions with CTV. While Columbia does not recommend any particular firm nor require the use of any of these firms, listed below are some firms that represent that they:

  • Have an entrepreneurship practice able to fulfill the needs of most startup companies (i.e., formation as a Delaware corporation; bylaws; issuance of founder’s stock; creation of equity incentive plan and initial option grant; related securities laws filings; standard forms for consulting, advisory board agreements, proprietary information, assignment of inventions; set-up of minute book and stock ledger; coordination with patent counsel; experience negotiating license agreements for early-stage IP);

  • Have attorneys with experience in both physical sciences and health sciences; and

  • Offer a fixed fee or deferred fee deal for Columbia startup companies, in order to help companies manage their cash burn (please be sure to mention CTV in your outreach)

The list below provides the contact information for the lead partner(s) at each firm, as well as a link describing the firm’s startup experience and the offer (if any) that they are currently making to startup companies.

Startup Insurance Brokers

The firms below are familiar both with the types of policies that most startups need as part of their ongoing business, and also the insurance requirements mandated by university patent license agreements. They can provide a quote for the level of insurance required.

Startup Immigration Lawyers