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Columbia Lab-to-Market Accelerator Network

Entrepreneurial education and access to funding for validation and prototyping is critical to transitioning early-stage technologies out of the lab and bringing them to market at a faster rate. Columbia has extensive experience founding and supporting successful accelerator programs to provide our promising early‐stage technologies with mentorship and support resources, direct funding, educational boot camps, networking opportunities with industry representatives and the venture investor community.

The Columbia Lab-to-Market (L2M) Accelerator Network is a cross-discipline support system providing tactical and strategic guidance to the Columbia-affiliated accelerators in Life Sciences (Biomedical Accelerator or BioMedX, Accelerating Cancer Therapeutics or ACT, the Translational Therapeutics Accelerator or TRx), Clean Energy (PowerBridgeNY), Media & Tech (NYC Media Lab Combine), Blockchain (The Columbia | IBM Blockchain Accelerator), and Cybersecurity (Cyber NYC), with more accelerators expected to be added in the near horizon.

L2M plays a key role in facilitating the process of bringing the research from the lab to the marketplace.  Collectively, the Columbia L2M accelerators have led to very impressive results that have grown exponentially over a very short number years: over 707 applications received, 328 teams run through educational bootcamps on product development and entrepreneurship, over 153 cash awards issued totally over $12M, 40+ commercial launches by accelerator teams, and over $120M in external follow-on funding raised by those teams.

To learn more about the individual member programs that comprise the Columbia Lab-to-Market Accelerator Network, please see below or contact

Columbia Biomedical Accelerator (BIOMEDx) 

The U.S. invests billions of dollars in healthcare research at institutions across the country with the goal of benefitting society. However, even the most promising technologies often fail to reach patients due to the high-risk path biomedical technologies face moving from the lab to the market. The Columbia Biomedical Accelerator (formally the Columbia-Coulter Translational Research Partnership) aims to catalyze the advancement of biomedical technologies by providing funding, education, resources and mentorship to interdisciplinary teams of clinicians, engineers, scientists and students working to develop solutions to clinical unmet needs, with the ultimate goal of bringing innovative research out of the lab to benefit society. Project support is expected to serve as a bridge to commercial investment, with awards granted to perform specific tasks needed to validate a commercial hypothesis (vs. a scientific hypothesis). To learn more about the Columbia Biomedical Accelerator please visit: or contact

Translational Therapeutics Resource (TRx)

The Translational Therapeutics (Trx) Resource is an accelerator program designed to leverage Columbia’s proficiency in drug discovery and provide access to industry experts with the goal of advancing novel therapeutics from the lab towards the path of commercialization. The TRx Resource provides education (5-session boot camp), mentorship (drug development team) and funding (Pilot Award) to help translational researchers reach a point of value inflection. While indication agnostic, the educational aspect of the program provides a special focus on orphan/rare diseases. To learn more about the Translational Therapeutics Resource please visit: or contact

Accelerating Cancer Therapeutics (ACT) 

Accelerating Cancer Therapeutics (ACT) is an accelerator program designed to leverage Columbia’s proficiency in drug discovery and provide access to entrepreneurs and the pharmaceutical industry to advance novel cancer therapeutics from the lab towards the path of commercialization and clinical implementation.  The program will provide education, mentorship and funding to help academic translational research projects move beyond the “valley of death” in therapeutic development and reach significant milestones. A key goal of this program is to accelerate translation of novel medical discoveries in cancer from the lab to the clinic by positioning the technology for commercialization. To learn more about the Accelerating Cancer Therapeutics Pilot Program please visit: or contact

NYC Media Lab 

NYC Media Lab connects digital media and technology companies with New York City's universities to drive innovation, entrepreneurship, talent development and job growth. A public-private partnership launched by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, NYC Media Lab funds prototyping projects that foster collaboration across a range of disciplines core to the future of media, in addition to producing The Combine, an early stage accelerator for emerging media and technology startups. NYC Media Lab is built on corporate membership. Member companies participate in roundtable events on technology issues; connect with one another and with faculty, students, and other university resources; and direct prototyping projects on areas of interest to them.  To learn more about the NYC Media Lab please visit: or contact


PowerBridgeNY turns cleantech innovations from the academic research labs at six New York institutions (Columbia, NYU, CUNY, CornellTech, Stony Brook University, and Brookhaven National Lab) into strong, cleantech businesses. Teams are offered up to $150K to conduct 100 Customer Discovery interviews to identify their initial target market and to develop a prototype or conduct in-field testing to move the technology closer to commercialization. PowerBridgeNY conducts monthly check-ins using the NSF I-Corps/Lean LaunchPad Methodology; provides industry mentors; hosts events featuring the energy industry; subsidizes the cost of necessary services; and arranges pro bono office hours with experts in law, finance, grant writing, and more. The program is funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). To learn more about the PowerbridgeNY please visit: 

Columbia | IBM Blockchain Accelerator 

The Columbia | IBM Blockchain Accelerator is a non-dilutive set of programs for building and scaling successful blockchain companies. The goal of the program is to help the best emerging blockchain companies succeed through education, mentorship, and business model design. As a pillar of the new Columbia IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency, IBM and Columbia University are partnering to offer top blockchain companies from around the world a customized program with education from industry and academic research experts, hands-on value-added workshops, active mentoring and curated customer meetings. The program is broken up into two tracks, NETWORK (focused on growth-stage teams) and LAUNCH (focused on university-stage teams). To learn more please visit: or contact:

Cyber NYC

Cyber NYC, a $100M public-private partnership led by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, connects cyber investors and innovators to New York City’s robust university ecosystem with the goal of catalyzing the next generation of cyber startups. The Inventors to Founders (I2F) Initiative is designed to launch new cybersecurity startups sourced from dorm rooms and research labs at premier academic institutions. Launched in Summer 2019, I2F is an early stage startup accelerator and talent network for NYC cybersecurity startups. I2F is developing targeted programs and funding structures to catalyze the commercialization of cutting-edge research and development of academia-affiliated startups in New York’s cyber security ecosystem.  A joint venture between Columbia University and the New York City Economic Development corporation, the I2F program is the early-stage launchpad for Cyber NYC’s $100M initiative.  To learn more about Cyber NYC, please visit: