Columbia Lab-to-Market Accelerator Network

Columbia has extensive experience founding and supporting successful accelerator programs to provide our promising early‐stage technologies with mentorship and support resources, direct funding, educational boot camps, networking opportunities with industry representatives and the venture investor community.


The Columbia Lab-to-Market (L2M) Accelerator Network is a cross-discipline support system providing tactical and strategic guidance to the Columbia-affiliated accelerators in Life Sciences (Biomedical Accelerator or BioMedX, Accelerating Cancer Therapeutics or ACT, the Translational Therapeutics Accelerator or TRx), Clean Energy (PowerBridgeNY), Media & Tech (NYC Media Lab Combine), Blockchain (The Columbia | IBM Blockchain Accelerator), and Cybersecurity (Cyber NYC), with more accelerators expected to be added in the near horizon.

L2M plays a key role in facilitating the process of bringing the research from the lab to the marketplace.  Collectively, the Columbia L2M accelerators have led to very impressive results that have grown exponentially over a very short number years: over 984 applications received, 376teams run through educational bootcamps on product development and entrepreneurship, over 212 cash awards issued totally over $15.9M, 40+ commercial launches by accelerator teams, and over $152M in external follow-on funding raised by those teams.

To learn more about the individual member programs that comprise the Columbia Lab-to-Market Accelerator Network, please visit: or contact [email protected].