Arikha Moses

Arikha Moses, PhD, is a seasoned executive with 15+ years of experience creating and leading medtech companies. Dr. Moses started her career at a seed-stage venture firm, where she was responsible for sourcing, building, and managing early-stage life science companies including EluSys Therapeutics and TyRx. As TyRx’s Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, she was responsible for the company’s strategy and during her tenure she was involved in all aspects of the company’s business including financing, licensing, product development, corporate partnerships with Boston Scientific and Bard, and the commercialization of multiple drug-eluting devices. TyRx was sold to Medtronic for $160MM. She has also worked with the venture capital firm the Vertical Group as an EIR, where she assisted with due diligence on investments in both private and public companies. While working with Vertical, she founded and led Galatea Surgical, a plastic surgery company, through clinical studies and commercial product sales.

Arikha received a PhD in Chemistry from Yale University and a BA with Honors in Chemistry from Brandeis University.