David Murphy

David Murphy, CTV’s “Founding XIR”, returns to Columbia after completing a several year stint as Chief Operating Officer at Blue Coat Systems. David brings a diverse entrepreneurial experience and perspective that spans thirty years:

  • President & COO, Blue Coat Systems, acquired by Bain Capital from Thoma Bravo
  • BU GM Laser Jet and Enterprise Software, HP Printer Division
  • EVP Corp Dev and later CFO, Mercury Interactive, acquired by HP
  • President, Tivoli Software, after acquired by IBM
  • McKinsey Partner, technology, growth industry focused
  • MBA - Stanford
  • Schlumberger (field engineering)
  • BSCS/MSEE - U. Louisville/Florida Atlantic U.

Currently David focuses on proprietary and angel investment opportunities. He serves on several venture boards and advisories. He is particularly adept regarding technology translation, execution on product adoption and practical growth planning. David is most often seen at 30,000 feet - flying somewhere out in the marketplace to sell a new customer on enterprise technology. At sea level, David is an avid runner, and always good for a debate or competition.